Jenny Owen Youngs releasing new EP via PledgeMusic campaign

Music News | Sep 23rd, 2014

The Revival Tour 2013 @ Irving Plaza, NYC - Photos by Bryan Kremkau (35)

Jenny Owen Youngs is releasing a new EP album called Slack Tide and she’s doing it through PledgeMusic. The campaign is done in 60 days but I’m sure her goal will be reached by then. Some of the items you can purchase include the album (obviously), a shirt, illustrated postcard, polaroids, handwritten lyrics, happy birthday phone call and a skype acoustic show.

Jenny posted this on her Facebook page earlier in the day:

My new EP, Slack Tide, is now available to preorder (along with a lot of other totally rad things) exclusively from PledgeMusic:

If you check out the campaign make sure you take a minute to watch the video I’ve created to tell you all about it. My mission while making this EP was to strip things down a bit, and though there are some big spacey swoops here and there, I think it’s safe to call this recording rather intimate. The material includes a new song, a few reinterpretations of JOY songs you might know, and a cover of a favorite song of mine.

Enough from me though! Have a look at the campaign, tell me how you feel about it, and thank YOU for being a part of things.


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