Jerra: Grrl Fronted Power Pop-Punk Band Set To Release New Album 4/26/05 Sxsw Appearances Tba, Ladyfest 2005 Events, Touring

Music News | Jan 27th, 2005

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Los Angeles, CA ­ Jerra¹s new full-length album, Play Like A Girl, is slated for an April 26, 2005 release date. The band will perform at SXSW and will play LadyFest 2005 events and continue to tour the U.S. through the end of the year. Sugar Hooker Entertainment will handle radio, retail promotion vand marketing in-house. Distribution is through Disgruntled. Play Like A Girl was produced by Jerra and Gadget and recorded by Gadget in June and August of 2004. “We were an inspired team of people” front woman and Sugar Hooker co-owner, Jerra explains. “The group consisted of engineers, musicians, graphic designers, web developers, and producers and we were immersed in a world unto ourselves ­ devoid of second guessing or outside pressure, and without any sense of right or wrong. We created this album in a driven frenzy, coming up only for air!” Additional recordings were done by Paul Dreux Smith, and the album was mixed by Paul Dreux Smith and Gadget. Mastering was handled by Charlie Watts at Technovoice Mastering in Studio City, CA. Additional mixing was done at Skip Saylor Recording
(Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Black Flag, Janes Addiction, Kiss, Korn, Megadeth).

The new album plays like the toughest, smartest, cutest kid on the block‹the one all the girls wish they could be, the one all the boys wish they could be with. Play Like A Girl resonates like the street corner where Veruca
Salt and the Stooges meet, hard hitting but melodic, heavy on unforgettable hooks but even heavier on the grrl-savvy needed to back them up. The band draws influences from artists like Bikini Kill, Nirvana, The Stooges, Veruca Salt, The Ramones, The Cars, Velvet Underground, X, The Cure as well as from visual artists like Fawn Gehweiler (

Jerra and Sugar Hooker Entertainment are a lethal pairing. Play Like A Girl is a DIY call to arms, inciting women to stand up for themselves, their politics, and to take action. And the label, in its own words, is an, “Independent, female owned, feminist/activist factory that promotes the empowerment of women in music and the world. Sugar Hooker Entertainment will use entertainment as a vehicle for promoting women¹s empowerment.” In
that spirit Jerra headlined LadyFest 2004 in Denton, TX, and continuously seeks out opportunities to work with the community towards positive change.

Although front woman and songwriter Jerra has been an active musician since the age of ten, the band¹s current line-up has been together for about a year. But in that year they have toured rigorously and label-partner
Padraic Spence notes it¹s “DIY at its finest. The band is touring with the message of female empowered rock.” Jerra have shared the stage with bands and performers like The Butchies, Michelle Shocked, Slow Signal Fade, The Starfuckers (featuring members of Guns n¹ Roses, The Stray Cats and L.A. Guns), The Sharp Ease, From Bubblegum to Sky and many others.

Sugar Hooker has been very actively promoting the new album, prior to its official release date in order to build awareness surrounding the band and to help create a buzz around the album. The first track on the record,
titled “Don’t Trust” can be heard in the surf film, The Kill Seven, which features surf superstars Kelly Slater, Tom Curren and other surf celebs. And MTV recently licensed tracks from the album to be used on the hit shows
Road Rules, Real World, and RW/RR Challenge. One of the most applauded Clear Channel radio stations in the country, Indie 103.1, has been spinning the track “The Others” on a regular basis and Jerra is encouraging fans to keep the radio play active by emailing the station to request the track at [email protected]

Press has also embraced the band’s hard working style. The Ventura County Star writes “If it were the Œ80s Jerra would be one of the princesses of alternative radio along with the Bangles, the Waitresses and all the ladies of KROQ.” enthuses “Music fans wondering what happened to uncompromising KICKASS FEMALE ROCK artists…will find a new heroine in Jerra.”

Play Like a Girl features Jerra on vocals and guitar, Doug Granville on guitar, Tiff Jimber on keyboards, Dustin Robles on bass and Ward Robinson on drums. The thirteen tracks on the album are 1. “Don¹t Trust,” 2. “Drama
King,” 3. “The Others,” 4. “Girl Gone,” 5. “Doris Day,” 6. “Game Boy,” 7. “Not There,” 8. “Blow Fish,” 9. “Little Robot,” 10. “Quick Fix,” 11. “Slow2 Burn,” 12. “Mother” and 13. “Sugar Hooker.”

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