Legalize It: The Peter Tosh Estate endorses Prop 19 and Just Say Now Campaign

Music News | Oct 29th, 2010

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The family of Peter Tosh has announced its strong support of Prop 19 and the Just Say Now Campaign to legalize marijuana nationwide including the launch of a new video intended to help mobilize voters to go to the polls November 2.

The family released the following statement:

Today, as Peter Tosh did back in 1976 with the release of “Legalize It,” the Peter Tosh Estate proudly speaks out for marijuana legalization. They do this in the name of Peter Tosh, his music, and their strong belief in the power of “Yes” on California’s Proposition 19. Join them in the fight for legalization by supporting the Just Say Now campaign.

In the video, Peter’s son Dave states:

My name is Dave Tosh, Peter Tosh has been a lifelong advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

The song “Legalize It” from the album of the same name, became an anthem and a rally cry across the globe.

On Nov 2nd California can help make this dream a reality, vote “Yes” on Proposition 19.

The Just Say Now campaign combines the strong readership of FireDogLake, with the grassroots organizing capacity of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and has united a powerful group of strange bedfellows, including: Bruce Fein, a former Associate Deputy Attorney General under President Ronald Reagan; former police chiefs; federal judges; prosecutors; drug reform and student groups; musicians and blogs. Organizers aim to drive turnout for the midterms to support marijuana initiatives on the ballot especially in Arizona, Oregon, California and South Dakota, as well as aiming to get initiatives on the ballot in 2012 Presidential battleground states.

“On behalf of Just Say Now, I can say that we are deeply honored Mr. Tosh’s family is carrying on the same legacy that marked his living years: speaking up for those whose voices weren’t as prominent,” said Aaron Houston, Executive Director of Students for a Sensible Drug Policy. “He was an early pioneer not only in music, but also in speaking out for marijuana legalization.”

In the past few months Just Say Now has done the following work:

California Prop 19
• Called 12,000 young California voters through online phone bank at
• Organized Prop 19 day of action this Saturday to call thousands more voters for Prop 19; more than 1,200 people already pledged to call
• Secured vote pledges and voter registrations from thousands of Californians

Oregon Measure 74, South Dakota Measure 13

• Designed and built new websites (,
• Called 1000+ voters in each state,
• Run online organizing programs for both campaigns

Arizona Prop 203

• Called more than 1000 voters for medical marijuana,
• Organized online activists to support measure.


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