Madness’ Madstock classic concert available on CD & DVD together for first time

Music News | Sep 23rd, 2015

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Madness’ Madstock from 1992 will be re-released on October 9th (assuming in the UK) via Salvo Sound & Vision. The original Madstock ’92 film will be available on DVD as well as the CD concert soundtrack that will include four rare bonus tracks, one of which (Razor Blade Alley) has never been released on CD. Buried in the press release, Madness will be planning on recording a new album soon as well!

When a plan was hatched for a Madness reunion, six years after the band split in 1986, nobody could’ve predicted what would happen or how it would be received. The event would be held one weekend in a North London park in the summer of ’92, within a music scene that had embraced Madchester, acid house and the U.S. grunge explosion while the band had been away.

Marking the first public appearance by all seven “nutty boys”, it was a jubilant reunion of course, drawing 72,000 rabid fans for two jam-packed concerts in Finsbury Park, creating enough noise to register a 4.5 on the Richter scale. Madness’s place in the canon of Great British Bands was assured and ‘Madstock’ – as it would later become known – was born.

Available for the first time in one complete package, Madness’s ‘Madstock’, released 9th October on Salvo Sound & Vision, features the original Madstock ’92 film on DVD and the CD concert soundtrack along with four rare bonus tracks, one of which (Razor Blade Alley) has never been released on CD.

Capturing the atmosphere of this massive summer party in all its glory, the film paints a vivid portrait of that magical weekend, which transports the listener into the boisterously sweaty masses. The enormous audience is a constant presence throughout, venting six years of pent-up enthusiasm for the band.

Also included are previously unseen photographs and liner notes featuring new interview material with Chas Smash, Woody, Chrissy Boy and Mike Barson. Such was the success of ‘Madstock’, it would go on to become a biennial event held again in 1994, 1996, and 1998 with a fifth ‘Madstock’ concert held in 2009 to celebrates the band’s 30th anniversary. Rightly considered as one of the most important acts that Britain has ever produced, Madness’s success has never been greater and this summer they embarked on their ‘Grandslam’ tour – a series of performances at iconic sporting venues across the country, including cricket grounds, rugby grounds, football stadiums, racecourses and racetracks. Their annual ‘House of Fun Weekender’ is scheduled in late November and a new studio album is expected in the near future.


Disc 1 – CD
01. One Step Beyond…
02. The Prince
03. Embarrassment
04. My Girl
05. The Sun And The Rain
06. Grey Day
07. It Must Be Love
08. Shut Up
09. Driving In My Car
10. Bed And Breakfast Man
11. Close Escape
12. Wings Of A Dove
13. Our House
14. Night Boat To Cairo
15. Madness
16. House Of Fun
17. Baggy Trousers
18. The Harder They Come
19. Land Of Hope & Glory (bonus track)
20. Razor Blade Alley (bonus track – previously unreleased on CD)
21. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) (bonus track)
22. Take It Or Leave It (bonus track)

Disc 2 – DVD
01. One Step Beyond…
02. The Prince
03. Embarrassment
04. My Girl
05. The Sun And The Rain
06. Land Of Hope & Glory
07. Grey Day
08. Razor Blade Alley
09. It Must Be Love
10. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day)
11. Take It Or Leave It
12. Shut Up
13. Driving In My Car
14. Bed And Breakfast Man
15. Close Escape
16. Wings Of A Dove
17. Our House
18. Night Boat To Cairo
19. Madness
20. Swan Lake
21. House Of Fun
22. Rockin’ In Ab
23. Baggy Trousers
24. The Harder They Come


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