Mojo Magazine interviews The Specials

Music News | Nov 13th, 2009

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Mojo Magazine scored excellent interviews from The Specials (minus Jerry Dammers). The interviews were conducted by Danny Eccleston and Terry, Neville, Lynval, Roddy, John, and Horace all give their take on the current Specials reunion. They talk about the band breaking up, how the band got back together and of course the elephant in the room, why Jerry Dammers isn’t part of the reunion. It’s an amazing read and something everyone should check out!

Based on what the guys said, Jerry comes across quite douche-y. Some members certainly don’t beat around the bush with certain things. One encouraging note I might add is some of them said that they probably will tour the United States in 2010. One can only hope that happens and I’ll certainly be there when that happens.

Read all the interviews exclusively at Mojo Magazine:


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