Much The Same Announce Release Date

Music News | By on Jun 6th, 2006

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Chicago’s Much The Same have finished recording their sophomore album, Survive, and will release it on Nitro Records August 29th. Fans can hear “The Greatest Betrayal” the first track from Survive as well as view the cover art on the band’s myspace page:

Produced by Cameron Webb, Survive is a return to the fast melodic punk sound of the 90’s without sounding nostalgic or derivative. Each of the band members shared songwriting responsibility making
Survive a reflection of the band as a whole.

The band’s debut album, Quitters Never Win, was released on A-F records in 2003 and the band has played with the likes of Bad Religion, Rise Against, Thrice, Strike Anywhere, Anti-Flag, and A Wilhelm Scream.

Track listing for Survive:
1. The Greatest Betrayal
2. American Idle
3. Gut Shot
4. What I Know
5. Take What’s Yours
6. Skeletons
7. For Those Left Behind
8. Living a Lie
9. Stitches
10. Wrecking Ball
11. Picking Up the Shattered Pieces