Mustard Plug’s Big Daddy Multitude album being digitally re-issued

Music News | By on Nov 18th, 2010

One of my favorite ska albums of the ’90s is being re-released! Grand Rapids Michigan’s Mustard Plug are re-issuing 1993’s Big Daddy Multitude digitally. The band will be adding 4 additional tracks on there from Beer Song 7″ sessions as well. Sounds like a good deal to me! Read the full press release from the band below:

Mustard Plug’s first official release on CD format, Big Daddy Multitude, came out in 1993 – well before Ska became a household word, but after Mustard Plug had spawned a large Midwest following. Originally released on lead singer Dave Kirchgessner’s Dashiki Clout Records, it was soon picked up by Ska powerhouse Moon Ska Records. With Moon’s distribution, Mustard Plug found an international audience ready for Ska to explode. Soon after the release of Big Daddy Multitude, the Plug began to tour nationally and amassed a solid fanbase coast to coast.

On Big Daddy Mulitude, the band had developed a better understanding of writing and playing since their first self released cassette, Skapocalypse Now! The songs were cohesive, catchy and great to skank to. Some tracks were released on compilations and quickly became “hits” in the still underground Ska scene. After the unfortunate demise of Moon Ska Records, this CD was re-released on Hopeless Records in May of 2001.

In 2010, Big Daddy Multitude has been re-released digitally with 4 tracks from the 1995 “Beer Song” 7″ sessions. These tracks were the last tracks the band recorded before signing to Hopeless Records. They feature the “Big Daddy” line up, including the stellar horn section of Mark Petz on sax, Bob Engelsman on trombone and Craig DeYoung on alto sax. Several songs from this session, including the “Beer Song,” were re-recorded for the band’s breakthrough record “Evildoers Beware,” but these original self-produced versions have been unavailable for several years. They represent a moment in the band’s career, when Mustard Plug had congealed their own unique sound, taking in influences from Two Tone Ska, Oi, bubble gum pop, and Socal Punk and creating the Mustard Plug sound that fans would know them by for many years to come.

The album remains in print on CD (Hopeless) and Vinyl LP (Asbestos Records). You can purchase the reissue at iTunes or at


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