Nettwerk Music Group signs The Rifles!

Music News | By on Jul 9th, 2009

The Rifles

One of my favorite bands of 2009, The Rifles, have signed with the US label Nettwerk Music Group. Their latest album “The Great Escape” has been out since last year and have been frequent plays on my iPod. Now that the band has their North American deal in place, Americans will see how a real album sounds! “The Great Escape” EP will be out July 28th, and their awesome full length will be out later this year. I really hope this means the band will be coming over to the States to tour!

Here’s the press release:

Nettwerk Music Group announces the signing of London-based rockers THE RIFLES’ who introduce themselves to N. America with a 4-track digital EP on July 28. The EP will feature “The Great Escape'” a standout anthem showcasing the sounds that will be coming from The Rifles full-length album’ GREAT ESCAPE’ later this year.

In addition to “The Great Escape'” the EP will feature 3 other tracks that are exclusive to this release and not on the forthcoming album: “Darling Girl'” “I Could Never Lie'” and “A Love To Die For.”

The Rifles-frontman Joel Stoker’ guitarist Luke Crowther’ bassist Rob Pyne and drummer Grant Marsh-burst onto the UK music scene in 2006 with their rebellious and attitude-laden debut No Love Lost’ an album revealing the hopes and dreams of working-class suburban drudgery. The band spent the next two years touring relentlessly and building an enormous army of fans along the way’ which includes some of the foursome’s musical heroes like Paul Weller’ Tim Lovejoy’ Oasis and more.

The Great Escape EP track list:
1. The Great Escape
2. Darling Girl
3. I Could Never Lie
4. A Love To Die For

Stay tune for more news about the release of Great Escape this fall and other news from The Rifles.

Check out their music on MySpace here.


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