Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers is adopted!

Music News | By on Apr 1st, 2009

Could it be? One of the biggest acts in recent Disney history has let this year’s biggest secret out of the bag? Nick Jonas, the curly haired youngster rounding out the Jonas Brothers act is adopted! OMFG!

Yes that’s right – adopted! Now it all fits! Curly hair, beady eyes, actually has talent (no we lied, he doesn’t actually have any talent) – Nick Jonas (real name Nathan Goldfarb) was adopted at birth from a well to do family overseas. Well they got this far as brothers and who knows.

Maybe Nick will break out from the perfectly crafted and planned breakout boy band aka as the Disney formula for success and become a Rabbi? He’s reportedly attending Hebrew school and wants to be bar mitzvah’d as soon as this tour is over.

L’Chiam Nick (Nathan) and Mazel Tov!


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