Outlaw Nation Returns with “Rising From The Ashes”

Music News | Aug 31st, 2015

New Orleans reggae rockers Outlaw Nation are set to release their latest album “Rising From The Ashes” on October 1st.

After a 4 year silence OUTLAW NATION returns with RISING FROM THE ASHES! The band that has toured with everyone from SLIGHTLY STOOPID to 311, FISHBONE to ENGLISH BEAT is back with a FRESH new album and even fresher sound. Expanding on their eclectic musical vision! The album is due on OCTOBER 1, 2015 and you can expect plenty of TOURING!!

* OUTLAW NATION built a rock sold catalog of music in the early 2000’s following in the footsteps of bands like 311 and Slightly Stoopid. With a near break neck touring history for nearly a decade. The band slowed down towards the end of 2012. 8 albums have been released by the band and a small slew of EP’s have kept the band at the forefront of Reggae Rock and Pop music lovers minds.

Their biggest hit the party anthem “Pretty Girls’ is still a beach party favorite!

The band’s latest release RISING FROM THE ASHES is yet another music bending gumbo of sounds. The first single ‘Lonely Hearts’ is a down tempo pop ballad that brings the art of ’emo pop’ similar to THE WEEKND to a new height. Expect lots of Reggae, Pop and more from this New Orleans based bunch!



October 1, 2015

For people who like: Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, Iration, Dirty Heads

Check out Outlaw Nation’s latest singles on SoundCloud:




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