Pirates Press Records releasing Street Dogs 7″ EP

Music News | By on Mar 23rd, 2013

Pirates Press Records is releasing Boston’s Street Dogs’ 7″ EP called “Crooked Drunken Sons.” It will be available on iTunes and in record stores for Record Store Day on April 20th. iTunes is a record store now? Anyway, check out a sneak peek below.

The past few years of endless travel and life away from families, piling into sweaty clubs and endlessly moving gear and boxes of merch, and living life in various mobile domiciles has certainly provided cause for a much needed break, but this is a band that knows how to fight. “Crooked Drunken Sons”is one of their best, backed up by two equally powerful contributions on the b-side, this record is stacked with that ’98 attitude!
[Pirates Press Records]


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