Podcasting Music Videos for FREE – SUBURBAN NOIZE RECORDS Sets Trend

Music News | Feb 9th, 2006

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In A Realm Where Video Downloads Cost $1.99, The Home of Kottonmouth Kings Sets Trend For Industry By Podcasting Videos For Free

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Five Easy Steps Hooks Viewers Up To Download Podcasts of Videos By Kottonmouth Kings Featuring Cypress Hill, Last Laugh, Big B. and One Session

It had to happen sooner or later, thanks to Suburban Noize Records, the thriving indie label that launched the anti-establishment heroes Kottonmouth Kings into a global phenomenon. Subnoize continues its trademark of going against the grain, or hopefully starting a new trend for the industry by making a series of its videos available by Podcastingfor FREE!

Four videos currently offered on the company’s website www.subnoizerecords.com are also now available for downloading as Podcasts”Put It Down” by Kottonmouth Kings featuring Cypress Hill, “Paint It Black” by Last Laugh, “White Trash Renegade” by Big B. and a live snippet from a performance by One Session. New videos, along with new audio Podcasts, will be made available on an ongoing basis.

Subnoize President Kevin Zinger believes that offering these Podcasts for no charge is a way for the label to stay one step ahead of the industry in the emerging arena. “For a company like Suburban Noize, it makes sense for us to have this content available for free,” he says. “Every kid went out and got a new video IPOD for Christmas. And there is only so much content that is available now for them. If we give it away for free, it will drive fans to our site to get it.

“Those people will be showing their friends, which will motivate people who may have never heard of Suburban Noize or the bands on the label to come to our site,” Zinger adds. “A new kid is not going to take the chance on an independent artist to download their video for a $1.99 but for free, why not?. At the end of the day, an independent label needs to worry about the long term exposure for the bands, not the small amount of money that is available to have your fan base download a video.”

Fans using PCs can download these videos to their iPods in five simple steps: 1) On the Subnoize homepage, click on the icon that says “Subnoize podcasts, Click Here To Subscribe.” Users are then urged to open their iTunes program; 2) Copy this link:

http://www.suburbannoizerecords.com/Podcasts/SuburbanNoizeRecords.xml; 3) Pull down the “Advanced” menu on the top toolbar (This is the list of menus across the top of the screen that reads: File, Edit, Controls, Visualizer, Advanced, Window, Help); 4) Select “Subscribe To Podcast”; 5) Paste the link from Step 2.

ITunes will automatically redirect to the Podcast window and will automatically connect. Subnoize recommends that the user have Itunes 4.9 or higher to use the program.