Reel Big Fish are releasing a “Best Of” album

Music News | Jun 23rd, 2010

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Reel Big Fish are having a big summer. They are one of the few bands that are decent on this year’s Warped Tour and now they are releasing a Best Of album. Hmm ok, seems a little early for that but okay, I’ll bite. You can get the 22-track compilation of newly re-recorded renditions of hits and fan favorites (in addition to a special bonus 14-track acoustic disc), exclusively through Best Buy on July 20. A European release date will be announced soon as well.

Formed in the suburbs of Orange County, CA in the early ‘90s, Reel Big Fish has gone on to release half a dozen full-length studio releases, headline countless tours in North America (as well as Europe, Asia and Latin America) and amass combined sales of well over a million albums all while keeping their sly wit and wicked sense of humor intact.

A Best of Us for the Rest of Us track listing:

1. Sell Out 3:53
2. Take on Me 3:18
3. Beer 3:51
4. She Has a Girlfriend Now 3:07
5. Everything Sucks 2:53
6. Trendy 2:38
7. I Want Your Girlfriend to be My Girlfriend Too 2:48
8. In the Pit 2:43
9. The Set Up (you need this) 4:19
10. Somebody Hates Me 3:24
11. You Don’t Know 3:15
12. Suckers (this one’s for you) 3:39
13. Where Have You Been 4:00
14. Good Thing 3:24
15. Ban the Tube Top 3:03
16. Don’t Start a Band 3:18
17. Your Guts (I hate ’em) 2:01
18. Another F.U. Song 1:03
19. New Version of You (new version) 3:20
20. Party Down 4:07
21. Slow Down (single version) 4:20
22. Brown Eyed Girl 3:02

Bonus Skacoustic disc:

1. Sell Out (skacoustic) 3:56
2. Take on Me (skacoustic) 3:14
3. Beer (skacoustic) 3:51
4. She Has a Girlfriend Now (skacoustic) 3:04
5. Another F.U. Song (skacoustic) 1:03
6. Your Guts (i hate ’em) (skacoustic) 1:55
7. Suckers (skacoustic) 3:39
8. Where have you been (skacoustic) 4:01
9. Don’t Start a Band (skacoustic) 3:17
10. S.R. (skacoustic) 1:37
11. 241 (skacoustic) 2:41
12. the Kids Don’t Like it (skacoustic) 3:24
13. Scott’s a Dork (skacoustic) 3:04
14. Nothin’ (skacoustic) 2:06

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