Rev Sinister leaving Inspecter 7 and reuniting Hub City Stompers

Music News | Jan 3rd, 2014

Hub City Stompers reuniting

Inspecter 7 released a new album in 2013, toured a bunch and even got a song in a Martin Scorsese movie but the band will be one co-frontman short going forward. Giuseppe will be continuing on with Inspecter 7 and Rev Sinister(Travis) will be re-starting up Hub City Stompers. If you want to see Travis one last time in Inspecter 7, the farewell shows will be January 24th, 25th, and 26th in Amityville NY, Hamden CT, and Stanhope NJ.

Travis wrote this piece on HCS Facebook page:

So remember that thing I did last year? “Strike that… reverse it…”
After a year of working to bring Inspecter 7 back full time, Giuseppe and myself are parting ways, to each pursue that which is our passion, on each of our own terms and to each of our own ideals.
What that essentially means is that Giuseppe will be continuing with Inspecter 7, and that after 20 years as co-frontman I will be leaving Inspecter 7 permanently and bringing back HUB CITY STOMPERS for good.

Each band had very well evolved into its own distinct animal, and merging the two to facilitate the resurgence of Inspecter 7 has not worked as ideally as we’d hoped on several levels. So the logical move is for each of us to do what we love the most and what has worked for us best.

We’ve been brothers in i7 for 20 years and are parting ways as amicably as possible (to head off any internet rumor about conflict or competition) and wish each other the best in each endeavor. Whatever Giuseppe chooses to do with the i7 brand, our bands will be separate and distinct in line up and musically in style and catalogue. However I will be taking with me to HCS any of the i7 songs I wrote/performed outright or had a larger part in writing/performing, as they are distinct to me in those regards in my 20 years with i7. (Yes, I’ll be throwing in the occasional STEEL TOE SOLUTION song too, nyuk-nyuk…)

I anticipate nuff “I told you so’s” (hell, I’ve gotten some already) and finger shaking from the many who questioned my initial nixing of the HCS name to do this, and I welcome and deserve it! But, hey, I had to try what I thought could be a good thing. Big ups to the HCS line up that came along with me on this attempt, and are thankfully coming back with me to their home in HCS.
My final shows with Inspecter 7, as well as the final shows of this current i7 line up, will be January 24th, 25th, and 26th in Amityville NY, Hamden CT, and Stanhope NJ respectively.

Be on the lookout in 2014… Its gonna be a hell of a year. New releases, new travels, and all the Hub City Hooligan Ska you can shake a stick at.
Hope youz are ready…HCS IS BACK… for good.


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