Rise Records re-releasing Hot Water Music’s “Forever & Counting”

Music News | Aug 18th, 2012

Rise Records is ecstatic to announce the re-release of “Hot Water Music– Forever and Counting”.

Originally released in 1997, the band’s third studio album is a true classic and will remain one of the best post hardcore records of all time. For now, it will only be available digitally until it gets re-mastered in 2013, when Rise will properly release it physically (Deluxe CD and vinyl). In the meantime, the label has posted the entire record on their YouTube channel.

Hot Water Music- Forever and Counting stream: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF828D0AE1F94F365.


1. Translocation
2. Better Sense
3. Just Don’t Say You Lost It
4. Position
5- Rest Assured
6- Manual
7- Minno
8- Three Summers Strong
9- Man the Change
10- Western Grace

Get more info about Hot Water Music’s re-release at www.hotwatermusic.com and www.riserecords.com


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