Roddy Radiation with The Scotch Bonnets announce US tour dates

Music News | Mar 6th, 2015

Roddy Radiation

Former guitarist of The Specials, Roddy Byers (Radiation) and the The Scotch Bonnets backing him up, have announced US tour dates for the Spring. For NYC, they will be playing Fontana’s with Rude Boy George on April 25th.

Tour Dates:

April 23 (Thursday): (confirmed) Bright Box; Winchester, VA
April 24 (Friday): (confirmed) Tommy Fox’s; Bergenfield, NJ
April 25 (Saturday): (confirmed) Fontana’s; NYC
April 26 (Sunday): (confirmed) The Parlour; Providence, RI
April 27 (Monday): off
April 28 (Tuesday): (confirmed) Mohawk Place; Buffalo, NY
April 29 (Wednesday): (confirmed) Smalls; Detroit, MI
April 30 (Thursday): (confirmed) Now That’s Class; Cleveland, OH
May 1 (Friday): (confirmed) The Melody Inn; Indianapolis, IN
May 2 (Saturday): (confirmed) Cobra Lounge; Chicago, IL
May 3 (Sunday): (confirmed) The Basement; Des Moines, IA
May 4 (Monday): off
May 5 (Tuesday): St. Louis?
May 6 (Wednesday): (confirmed) Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club; Kansas City, MO
May 7 (Thursday): Oklahoma?
May 8 (Friday): (confirmed) Three Links; Dallas, TX
May 9 (Saturday): Austin
May 10 (Sunday): (confirmed) Korova; San Antonio, TX
May 11 (Monday): off/drive day
May 12 (Tuesday): (confirmed) High Dive; Gainesville, FL
May 13 (Wednesday): (confirmed) Will’s Pub; Orlando, FL
May 14 (Thursday): Georgia?
May 15 (Friday): Durham or Wilmington, NC
May 16 (Saturday): (confirmed) Metro Gallery; Baltimore, MD


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