Séan McCann of Great Big Sea releasing solo album in February

Music News | Dec 16th, 2009

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(Photo by Bryan Kremkau)
Séan McCann of Great Big Sea is releasing his debut solo album on February 23rd 2010. The name of the album is “Lullabies For Bloodshot Eyes!” and it was recorded between January and April 2009 at GreatBigStudio in St. John’s. The nine-track album is a diverse collection of music that is sure to find a place in the library of any Great Big Sea fan.

Writing about his inspiration for the new album Sean said, “The arrival of my two sons prompted a fundamental change in my disposition. For the first time in my life, someone else mattered more to me than I did…and I was terrified. These songs were born of the simple fears of a new father; failure, loss, and living up to the hopes and dreams of brand new eyes.”

Séan McCann’s official website was just launched as well! You can visit GreatBigSean.com to hear four brand new songs! First single “Peace Among The Bones” can be downloaded for free in exchange for your email address. Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

You can follow Séan on Twitter here.


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