Shirts For A Cure robbed at Warped Tour in Virginia

Music News | Jul 24th, 2014

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Shirts For A Cure has been working the entire Warped Tour, selling shirts to fight cancer this Summer. They are charitable, non-profit organization yet some assholes decided to steal all their money they have made this Summer at the Vans Warped Tour in Virginia. Just when you think human beings couldn’t get any worse, they surprise you.

Shirts For A Cure posted this news on their Instagram yesterday:

Today in Virginia Beach @warpedtour we were robbed of a significant amount of our earnings for the summer. If anyone hears ANYTHING please let us and the authorities know as soon as you can. Stay tuned for details on how you can help. Please repost, retweet, retumble and email your people. Thank you for your constant support and unwavering dedication. #fuckcancer

This isn’t really posted anywhere else so not sure what’s the latest about it but definitely reach out to the organization if you know or saw anything.


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