Spring Heeled Jack albums re-released digitally on Paper + Plastick Records

Music News | Jul 20th, 2010

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Paper + Plastick Records is re-releasing the out of print albums from CT ska band Spring Heeled Jack! Fans of the band should be happy about that, that is if you don’t own the albums already. Along with buying the old albums, you can download a FREE song “East End Gangster” from Paper + Plastick Records site. Check out the press release and download info below:

Paper + Plastick Records is proud to announce the digital release of Spring Heeled Jack’s out-of-print, third wave ska classic CDs Static World View (1995) and Songs From Suburbia (1998). Both albums are available for download through the Paper + Plastick webstore, as well as a FREE download of “East End Gangster,” the band’s first brand new song written in over a decade, recorded live earlier this year.

“Back in the 90’s, Spring Heeled Jack was doing ska-punk right… mixing soul, punk, ska, and reggae together. I always thought they were ahead of the curve,” says Paper + Plastick’s Vinnie Fiorello. “As a fan, I wanted the albums to be available to other fans that may want to buy high quality MP3’s. From a label perspective, the fact that I can provide a release for these albums that have been out-of-print for so long is fantastic.” Coming across CD copies of Static World View and Songs From Suburbia are so rare that Spring Heeled Jack saxophonist/vocalist JR Wasilewski says, “Some people claim they still find Songs From Suburbia in used bins at record stores out in California. I’ve sent messages to those people telling them I’ll pay for every CD they send to me, but they never seem to send them.”

After being dormant for nearly a decade, the band played two reunion shows earlier this year in their hometown of New Haven, CT. “The reunion shows went better than we ever expected them to go,” says Wasilewski. “There were very few hiccups along the way in planning and when we announced the first show it sold 500 tickets the first week. We had wondered if people would remember and after we saw that number, we knew it would be something special.” The band recorded and filmed both nights, and will be releasing a live digital album later this year with two new songs through Paper + Plastick. Details regarding the video footage will be announced shortly.

Spring Heeled Jack was one of the most revered ska/punk bands from the 90’s, and helped set the groundwork for contemporaries such as We Are The Union, The Flatliners, The Expendables, Big D And The Kids Table, and many more. After releasing their debut, Static World View, on legendary ska label Moon Ska Records, and announcing their hiatus in 2000, members of Spring Heeled Jack have gone on to perform with Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, Skavoovie and the Epitones, The Toasters, The Pilfers, and Less Than Jake, where Wasilewski currently holds down the brass section on saxophone.


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