Stiff Little Fingers quickly reach goal for their new album through PledgeMusic

Music News | Oct 18th, 2013

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Stiff Little Fingers announced yesterday that they were going to record a new album and do a pledge campaign through PledgeMusic. It didn’t even take a day and the band’s goal was met! Currently the PledgeMusic campaign is at 133% and there’s still plenty of days to go. I guess SLF fans were craving a new album since the group hasn’t released a new album in 10 years. The album will include new songs as well as some songs you heard live before.

Stiff Little Fingers is a punk band originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

We’ve been making music for the last 37 years (give or take a couple!) and we are hoping to make our new album via PledgeMusic – together with you.

Here’s how it will work: The new album will be released in March 2014. 
It’s been over ten years since we have released any new music and in that time a lot has changed in the music “business”. Record labels as such are fewer on the ground and the Internet has made the whole landscape change. So much so, that we got excited at the idea of being a totally “independent” band again. (After all, it’s how we started!) We think the new songs we have are among the best we’ve ever come up with and those of you that have come to see us live recently have heard some of these tracks performed on the stage and told us how much you like them too. (All good so far!)

Why Pledge? 
Our audience has always been astonishing. Turning up in your thousands year after year. We’re always amazed and thankful. And now we can offer something back in terms of getting you involved in the actual creation of the record. From something as simple as “pre-buying” the record to spending a day in the studio…or a couple of nights on the town (OK, that last one doesn’t really “help” create the record as such, apart from financially, but it will be fun!) So, we’re using Pledge as a way to become, and remain, independent again.

How does it work? With every pledge, you support us to realize and release the album. As soon as we have reached 100% of goal, the project will be confirmed. If we don’t reach the target you don’t get charged anything. But you won’t receive any items either cos we won’t have made the bleedin’ record! That’s a fair deal. On top you help a great charity. Part of the raised money will be donated to a charity project that’s very close to our hearts and ethos. We will tell you more about this in the next updates.

Why should you participate? By pledging you are not only helping us, you will also have exclusive access to our updates (videos, photos, blogs etc.) during the process. Most of the updates are for pledgers only. Be sure there will be some surprises…most of them pleasant!


Jake, Ali, Steve and Ian


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