Suburban Legends releasing new EP in October

Music News | By on Sep 5th, 2013

Suburban Legends

Suburban Legends have going to release a new EP called Dreams Aren’t Real But These Songs Are on October 8th via Rock Ridge Music. If records is your thing, you’ll have to wait a month longer for it. The EP contains Disney covers from movies like Toy Story, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. Time to do some Dwarf tossing and skank to some Disney tunes!

Orange County, CA-based third wave ska vets Surburban Legends are set to release their latest EP, Dreams Aren’t Real But These Songs Are, on October 8, 2013 in CD and digital formats, with the LP version coming November 5, 2013. The band is signed to Rock Ridge Music (with distribution through ADA). The six-song EP is a reverently played and imaginatively arranged collection of Disney classics, full of the band’s distinct blend of fizzy ska and sugary pop, with accents of disco and funk.

The group navigates intricate songs like “A Dream Is A Wish” from Cinderella and “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” from Toy Story, tying together their unique ska lineage with time-honored Tin Pan Alley songcraft. The EP standout is the Legends’ sun-soaked, rocksteady rendition of “Beauty And The Beast.”

Delving into this canon has been inspiring for the band as it heads in to write and record its upcoming full length. “With these classic songs, you hear them once and you’re humming them for weeks,” lead Legend Vincent Walker reveals. “I learned so much about songwriting. There’s an effective simplicity here that will definitely impact us on this next album.”

The song selection is apropos given that Suburban Legends’ story basically begins in the early 2000s at the Disneyland theme park. For years, the guys held a semi-regular gig there performing covers and originals, winning patrons’ hearts with boundless musicality and an unflinchingly positive live show that boasts dazzling choreography. This era coincided with height of the Cali ska scene that launched the careers of No Doubt, Goldfinger, and Reel Big Fish. Suburban Legends distinguished themselves from the pack by favoring sleek pop grooves that playfully and ingeniously recalled late ’90s Top 40.

Over its career, the band has released five albums, six EPs, and two DVDs. Suburban Legends have built an impressive live profile playing multiple tours throughout the US, UK, Europe, and Canada, undertaking successful runs with big names like Reel Big Fish, Less Then Jake, Bowling for Soup, and Goldfinger. Suburban Legends is Vincent Walker (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, and trumpet), Aaron Bertram (trumpet, vocals), Brian Robertson (trombone, backing vocals), Brian Klemm (lead guitar, vocals), Brad Polidori (bass), Chris Lucca (trumpet), and Ed Larsen (drums, percussion, and piano).


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