The Last Slice’s van was stolen in Florida

Music News | Jul 19th, 2014

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The Last Slice are currently on the Ska Revival tour with Survay Says! and had their van stolen in Miami, Florida last night. Sadly this is a reoccurring theme for bands and not sure what needs to be done for it to stop? Give each band a pitbull to leave in the van haha? In any case, the band is stranded and lost everything so try to help them out in any way! Every time you help out a ska band, a skangel gets its wings.

The band posted on their Facebook page:

Last night in Miami, FL our van and trailer were stolen. This had all of our musical equipment including a brand new drum set, nord organ, bass cab and amp , guitar amp, two guitars and a bass, saxophone, trombone, keyboard amp, two computers, two camcorders, and all our clothes! We’re not sure what is going to happen right now, but we’re stranded. WE’RE ASKING FOR PAYPAL DONATIONS IF ANYONE CAN HELP US OUT PLEASE SEND MONEY TO ([email protected])


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