The Mahones raising money for new double album

Music News | Nov 20th, 2013

The Mahones touring the USA in November

Canadian Celtic punk band The Mahones are going to be busy in 2014! They are releasing a new live album Live in Italy on February 11th and now doing a fundraiser for their new DOUBLE studio album, The Hunger & The Fight. Details about their fundraising campaign is below but be sure to support this great band!

There’s a ton of things you can buy to support the new album like: your basic download, a phone call from one of the band members, bike tour of Toronto (Rob Ford encounter not included), clothing worn by the band, a pub tour, meet & greet, and a house party if you got 2500 dollars laying around! Please visit The Mahones website to get started and buy something.

The Mahones are heading back into the studio in 2014 to record our forthcoming double album, The Hunger & The Fight. We’ll be putting this album out on our very own label, Whiskey Devil Records, because we know that doing things ourselves (DIY) is the best way to get as much music as we can to our friends and fans.

You, our beloved fans, have proven time and again that you’re the very best, and we’re asking for your help and support with this new project. In order to cover the huge costs of recording a double album, we’re holding a fundraiser in exchange for some awesome thank you gifts and rare opportunities. Please have a look, buy/donate what you can (in exchange for something fun!), and help us make Irish punk history!

Thanks, and all our love,
The Mahones


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