The New Rochelles’ Ramones-ish new album on AOL’s Spinner this week

Music News | By on Aug 16th, 2011

Celebrating the release of the band’s full-length debut IT’S NEW, Long Beach, NY pop-punk trio THE NEW ROCHELLES are streaming the album exclusively at AOL’s all week. Available today from Bright & Barrow Records, It’s New! is pressed on 7-inch vinyl with six songs, and includes a digital download of the entire twelve track pop-punk masterpiece.

All orders through Bright & Barrow will also include a digital download of the Cause A Scene, Volume One compilation while orders made through include a free patch while supplies last. The first pressing includes five varying back covers, limited to 100 of each. The New Rochelles are also celebrating the release with a handful of local shows, including the recently confirmed date with Michale Graves (of The Misfits), and Kepi Ghoulie (of Groovie Ghoulies) and Vic Ruggerio (of The Slackers) on August 25 at Europa in Brooklyn, NY. See all dates below.

Recorded in the band’s hometown with Greg Tamao at The Tomato Farm Studio, It’s New! is lush with quirky and catchy pop punk songs that sound best when blasting through car stereo speakers set to maximum volume. Gracing the cover of the latest issue of DIY zine The Miscreant (FREE download), It’s New! has been receiving stellar reviews from the press, with the Daily Breeze commenting, “If it were as easy to recapture the spirit of The Ramones as The New Rochelles make it sound on its debut album, It’s New!, a lot more bands would have done it over the years.” “It appears that New York is a breeding ground for quick, three chord, leather-clad punk rock as Long Beach, New York’s pop-punk trio The New Rochelles are set to prove on their debut full length, It’s New!,” says ThePunksite, while StereoKiller surmises “It’s catchy, fun and poppy,…just how things should be.”

Sunday August 21st @ Lulu’s Brooklyn, NY
Thursday August 25th @ Europa Brooklyn, NY
* w/ Michale Graves (of The Misfits) and Kepi Ghoulie (of Groovie Ghoulies)/Vic Ruggerio (of The Slackers)
Saturday October 28th @ Club Matchless Brooklyn, NY (as “The Ramones”)


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