The Official 2012 Warped Tour Compilation CD out June 5th

Music News | May 17th, 2012

Just like the actual Vans Warped Tour, I can count on one hand the bands I know or like. The Warped Tour as evolved into something I don’t really like anymore and the compilation pretty much justifies that feeling. I’m all for checking out new music & bands, so we’ll see what I actually think about this compilation. I’m skeptical as always.

LOS ANGELES, May 17th, 2012 – Every summer close to 1 million punk rockers, emo kids, hardcore fans, metal core kids and a slew of other music lovers brave the heat for the Vans’ Warped Tour. SideOneDummy’s 15th annual Warped Tour Compilation is the soundtrack to the summer, capturing the intensity and diversity of this traveling festival with 50 tracks on two discs. Ranging from fan favorites to obscure rarities and unreleased gems, the compilation kicks off with Rise Against angst filled anthem “Midnight Hands”, and the energy doesn’t let up for more than 140 minutes. The collection features a wide variety of artists that will be playing this year’s punk rock summer camp, such as New Found Glory, Yellowcard, Sleeping With Sirens, Miss May I, Memphis May Fire, Falling In Reverse, The Used, and MORE! For those who can’t make the Warped Tour this year, the compilation gives them a taste of what the tour is all about. However, for the million fans that go, the album serves as a reminder of that perfect summer day.

For the first time in Warped Comp history, there will be two different bands featured on the the cover of the compilation. The first will feature Warped veterans Rise Against, and the other version of the cover will feature Warped Tour fan favorites, All Time Low. SideOneDummy Records intends the two versions to be a nod toward the diverse fan base that attends the tour each summer.

Check out the track listing below!

Disc #1

1. Rise Against-Midnight Hands
2. Yellowcard-With You Around
3. Title Fight-Shed
4. The Used-Now That You’re Dead
5. New Found Glory-Summer Fling, Don’t Mean a Thing
6. Man Overboard-Rare
7. Fireworks-Aarows
8. Transit-Skipping Stone
9. I Call Fives-Back Up Plan
10. Anti-Flag-Broken Bones
11. FourYearStrong-Not To Toot My Own Horn But, Beep Beep
12. We Are The Ocean-Overtime Is a Crime
13. Hostage Calm-The “M” Word
14. Polar Bear Club-Bottled Wind
15. Daytrader-Firebreather
16. Sharks-Able Moving Hearts
17. Make Do and Mend-Lucky
18. I Am The Avalanche-Holy %$#!
19. A Loss For Words-Wrightsville Beach
20. Chuck Ragan-Meet You In The Middle
21. Brian Marquis-They Used To Call It The Blues
22. Into It, Over It- P R O P E R
23. Koji-Giants Sleeping
24. Blacklist Royals- Brothers and Sisters
25. Nothington-Far To Go

Disc #2

1. All Time Low-Coffee Shop Soundtrack
2. Of Mice & Men-Ohioisonfire
3. Blessthefall-40 Days
4. Memphis May Fire- Prove Me Right
5. The Ghost Inside-Engine 45
6. Every Time I Die-Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space
7. Falling In Reverse-Good Girls Bad Guys
8. For Today-Fearless
9. Tonight Alive-Listening
10. We Are The In Crowd-Better Luck Next Time
11. Divided By Friday-Prove It
12. Sleeping With Sirens-Tally It Up, Settle The Score
13. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!-In Friends We Trust
14. Neo Geo-Sex Robot
15. Miss May I- Hey Mister
16. I Wrestled a Bear Once-Button It Up
17. Skip The Foreplay-DJ
18. Vanna-I, The Remover
19. Chelsea Grin-Everlasting Sleep
20. Motionless In White-Abigail
21. Ballyhoo!-Last Night
22. Murderland-Another Homicide
23. Cold Forty Three-Hundred Dollar Bail
24. Jukebox Romantics-Monster Hands
25. Lost In Society-Everybody’s Gone


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