The Residents’ Icky Flicks Available on DVD on February 15, 2005, Through Music Video Distributors

Music News | Dec 21st, 2004

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O aks, PA – Music Video Distributors and Euroralph are pleased to announce the home viewing release of The Residents –Icky Flicks for US and Mexican distribution on DVD.
“. . .David Lynch could take lessons from the creators.” – Newsweek

“. . .Art with a capital A and bad-boy gross out fun . . .” – Rolling Stone

Near the end of the last so-called “millennium,” someone suggested that The Residents release a DVD compilation of their many award winning music videos. The anonymous group’s response was swift and unanimous: “YUKKKK!!! HOW ICKY!” More specifically, Mr. Skull – sometimes known as the Black Hole of the group – replied, “I’d rather eat dog doo and die!” It seems that the group saw the idea of creating a collection of their visual work, some of it almost 30 years old, as a task more fitting to bean counters than semi-famous artistes.

But then Mr. Blue, a less volatile type, remarked, “But with a DVD we could record all the music again and let people have a choice of which soundtrack to play.” “Hmmm….,” replied the contrary Skull. “That would completely enrage our fans, giving them absolutely nothing to complain about. Let’s do it!” So they did. And in the process, The Residents, with the help of their friends, crammed the disc full of newly created material: 4 never-before-seen music videos, video versions of their CD-Roms and a newly restored edit of Vileness Fats, their first-ever video “experiment” – and that’s in addition to recording new music for the 100 minute long disc. As usual, The Residents have created a great version of an icky idea.

Track List:

The Third Reich ‘N’ Roll
One Minute Movies
Kick a Picnic
Songs for Swinging Larvae
He Also Serves
This Is A Man’s Man’s Man’s World
Harry The Head
The Gingerbread Man (Concentrate)
Jelly Jack the Boneless Boy
Just for You (Disfigured Night part 7)
Stars and Stripes Forever
Where Is She?
Burn Baby Burn
Hello Skinny
Bad Day on the Midway (Concentrate)
Vileness Fats (Concentrate)