The Young Dubliners announce new album…but they need your help!

Music News | Jan 26th, 2012

The Young Dubliners have announced they are recording a new album, but doing it independently this time. More and more bands are doing that these days, but it requires a lot of dedication from the fans & listeners. The album will cost a lot to make, so the band has setup a pledge drive our their site (think Kickstarter) and you can purchase various things to help the Young Dubs meet their goal. You can buy a digital download, get signed CDs, t-shirts, and then the pricier pledges will get you VIP meet & greet, dinner with the band, guitar lessons and even a ticket to Ireland with the band in November. Very cool! Visit for details! Read more from the band below!

We are writing you this email tonight to ask for your support in our next big adventure. As many of you know we have been hard at work writing our new album but this time we have chosen not to go with a record label.

There are many reasons for this decision but the most important one is that we want total creative freedom and control for the first time in the band’s history. The recording industry has gone through a massive change in the last few years and we feel it is now better for us to become ”independent” and release the album we want to release in the way we want to release it.

However we can’t completely ”go it alone”. It will cost us approximately $40K to record, manufacture and market the new album and that’s where you, the best fans in the world, come in.

What we are asking you to do is put your faith in us that we will record an album you will want to add to your Young Dubs collection. In other words, buy our album in advance. For those of you in a position to help a little more we have developed a multi-tiered pledge offering. No matter how much you pledge you will receive goods and services with a retail value greater than your pledge. The pledges range from a digital download of our new album for $10 all the way up to a trip to Ireland with us and much more. We are only asking for what you can afford. We completely understand that these are tough times and we will be forever grateful for whatever level you choose. This next album will truly be ”The People’s Album” and you will all have played a HUGE role in the making of it.

Please go to our website at to view the Pledge Drive page and see what it’s all about.

Thanks a million in advance from

Keith, Bob, Bren, Chas and Dave.


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