This American Life: Stories Of Hope & Fear out Nov. 7th

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Two-Disc Compilation Boasts Stories by David Sedaris & John Hodgman
Contains Music by Thurston Moore, Blonde Redhead, RZA, Philip Glass, Calexico, Morcheeba, Mogwai and More

“Populated by some of the most idiosyncratic voices in radio”
Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES, Calif. Each week, some 1.7 million listeners tune-in to This American Life, an insightful, innovative radio program that broadcasts touching true-life stories that unfold like audio movies to listeners on over 500 public radio stations nationally. This fall, listeners can own a selection of the greatest stories from the show on a two-CD compilation, This American Life: Stories Of Hope & Fear, available November 7th from Shout! Factory. Host Ira Glass and the staff of This American Life selected some of their favorite segments from the Peabody Award-winning series, organized along the title theme which, Glass admits, “Not only summarizes the theme of nearly every story on our program, but all human drama and literature besides.” Featuring segments by bestselling writer and humorist
David Sedaris (Naked), Comedy Central’s “Daily Show” correspondent John Hodgman, and many others, this eclectic anthology addresses topics ranging from gender reassignment to karaoke comedy, with over two hours of alternately hilarious and heart-breaking spoken performances set against the music of Thurston Moore, Blonde Redhead, RZA, Calexico, Philip Glass, Morcheeba, Mogwai, Tom Z, Tortoise, Carly Simon and others. The third installment in the This American Life CD series, the two-disc This American Life: Stories Of Hope & Fear set, includes 11 complete stories from the Chicago Public Radio series, with an album insert featuring original artwork by Divya Srinivasan (Sufjan Stevens’ Illinois) and liner notes by Ira Glass, for the suggested list price of $19.98.

This American Life is produced by Ira Glass and Diane Cook of Chicago Public Radio and distributed by Public Radio International. To find out where to hear This American Life in your town, visit In January of 2007, This American Life will premiere a new weekly television program on the Showtime network. Additionally, the Warner Brothers feature film adaptation of the show’s story, “Unaccompanied Minors,” is slated for release in December.

Also available: Crimebusters + Crossed Wires Stories From This American Life (Shout! Factory, 2003)


1. An Interview with Jorge Just: “If I Can Make It There”
Blonde Redhead: “In Particular”
Bobby Johnson: “The Rules of Personal Space”
Bobby Johnson: “Beautiful People”
Galt MacDermot: “Bathtub”

2. Jonathan Goldstein & Starlee Kine: “Is This Thing On?”
Ben Webster: “Blues for Billie Basie”
Ben Webster: “Blues for Piney Brown”

3. David Wilcox: “Thinking Inside the Box”
Aerial M: “Skrag Theme”
Carly Simon: “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
Gustavo Santaolalla: “Did This Really Happen?”

4. Alex Blumberg interviews Griffin Hansbury: “Infinite Gent”
Ida: “Maybelle”

5. Sascha Rothchild: “Miami Vices”

6. An interview with Myron Jones & Carol Bove: “The Babysitters”
Evan Lurie: “Jerry’s Theme”
Tom Z: “Curiosidade (Tortoise Remix)”
Bobby Johnston: “Lullaby Lost”
Philip Glass: “Dance V”
Portastatic: “Untitled (Track 15)”
Ida: “Maybelle”
Thurston Moore: “Kissing on the Bridge”
Rick Rizzo/Tara Key: “Good Evening Mr. Peckinpah”


1. Michael Bernard Loggins, as read by Tom Wright: “Fears of Your Life”
The RZA: “Flying Birds
John Lurie: “Arriving at Kenny’s”
Mogwai: “Xmas Steps”

2. An Interview with Julie Snyder: “On Hold No One Can Hear You Scream”
Bobby Johnston: “Many Hats”
Bobby Johnston: “The Rules of Personal Space”
Bobby Johnston: “Lullaby Lost”
Caleb sampson: “Eternal Future”
Erwin Helfer: “I’m Not Hungry But I Like to Eat-Blues”
Leroy & The Drivers: “The Sad Chicken”
Galt MacDermot: “Princess Gika”

3. Nancy Updike: “Anti-Oedipus”

4. David Sedaris: “So a Chipmunk and a Squirrel Walk Into a Bar”
Calexico: “Sprawl”
Galt MacDermot: “Bathtub”
Black Cat Orchestra: “Seum Ma”
Ben Webster: “When I Fall In Love”

5. John Hodgman: “Slingshot”
Caleb Sampson: “Circus in Outer Space”
Calexico: “Whipping the Horse’s Eyes”
Morcheeba: “Big Calm”
Mayfair Recordings: “HP Toys”

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