Toasters New DVD "Hidden Little Secrets"

Music News | Dec 21st, 2004

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NYC’s The Toasters are at it yet again! They will be releasing their first ever DVD entitled “Hidden Little Secrets” which will come out on STOMP Records in Canada on February 1st and the USA on March 1st 2005. Relentless road dogs that they are, The Toasters will be heading out for a full North American tour from January to March 2005. Why Buck would want to leave Spain in the winter to tour on North American soil, I really can’t tell you. But they have been doing it for 23 years now, as one of the most important North American ska acts in music history, their first ever DVD is highly anticipated by rude boys and girls around the world. Buck says he is “relieved to get all that footage out of my basement and digitized for posterity”. Which is great, cuz we’re happy to release it! The DVD will include tons of music videos, TV clips and interviews and live footage. A must for any Toasters fan (duh).