Who’s Up For A Membership-Based Subscription Service called “Ska Box?”

Music News | Sep 3rd, 2019

Ska Box
Image used with permission for news purposes.

A new membership-based subscription service is launching and it’s called: Ska Box: our favorite ska show – in a box. The creators (Becky and Cassie) have just started a Kickstarter campaign and need your help in getting it off the ground. The contents will include: ska music, merch, and more, delivered straight to your door. Sounds pretty cool if you love ska!

The Kickstarter Campaign will run now until October 10th. Kickstarter donations tiers will include SKA BOX KICKSTARTER exclusive rewards. The SKA BOX KICKSTARTER boxes, and other donation rewards will mail in December, just in time for the SKAlidays!

They plan on covering all ska, including trad, two-tone, 3rd-wave, and even ska-core as well. Each month subscribers will receive 5 SKA themed items delivered to their doorsteps for $35 a month, or they can purchase the 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month prepaid plans. Subscribers will also have the option to purchase a $35 gift box if they would like to try it without subscribing.

Ska Box creators hope to use SKA BOX to share new music with locations that may not have a ska music scene. They are California born and raised, and they are super passionate about their community. Ska Box are hopeful that this project will be supported by the ska community, and in turn, they will use it to support the ska music scene: bands, artists, distributors and local community projects!

Be sure to visit the Kickstarter page to see all the details, and see all the rewards you can get. Let’s do what the ska community always does, help each other out!

You can find them on social media: Instagram and Facebook.


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