Wind Up Records Announces Fantastic Four tracklisting

Music News | Jun 4th, 2005

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Soundtrack will be released July 5th featuring music from superstar rock, hip hop and pop artists plus collaboration with Evanescence founding member Ben Moody and Anastacia. Soundtrack also marks the debut of two highly anticipated Wind-up artists, Megan McCauley and Omnisoul.

From Twentieth Century Fox, Fantastic Four opens nationwide July 8th

New York, NY Wind-up Records, in conjunction with Twentieth Century Fox and Marvel Enterprises is proud to announce the complete track listing for the July 5, 2005 soundtrack Fantastic Four The Album. The soundtrack is the ideal audio companion to the cool and thrilling visual ride of the action-packed movie. Songs were written and recorded specifically for the film or were inspired by the film’s storyline and characters. The soundtrack’s musical scope will delight and enthrall fans of rock, hip hop and pop with new songs from platinum and gold recording artists including Velvet Revolver (their first new music since the release of their double-platinum album, Contraband), Joss Stone, Ben Moody featuring Anastacia, Sum 41, Taking Back Sunday, Simple Plan, Chingy, and Ryan Cabrera.

In a synergistic first, Taking Back Sunday wrote the song “Error Operator” for the movie, the soundtrack and the Fantastic Four video game created by Activision. Two songs introduce newly formed groups; Loser (former Marilyn Manson guitarist/writer John 5) and T.F.F., (a one time collaboration featuring Brody Dalle of the Distillers, Chris Cester of Jet, Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, and Dolf de Datsun of the Datsuns). Also of note is the stateside debut of the enormously popular Japanese act Orange Range. Additional songs were contributed by Alter Bridge, Lloyd Banks, Submersed, Breaking Point and others. The lead single and first music video from Fantastic Four The Album is “Everything Burns” by Ben Moody featuring Anastacia.

The complete track listing for Fantastic Four The Album is:
(* indicates song written for or inspired by the film)
1. Velvet Revolver “Come In Come On” *
2. Taking Back Sunday “Error Operator” *
3. Chingy “Relax” *
4. Joss Stone “Whatever Happened to the Heroes” *
5. Omnisoul “Waiting (save your life)”
6. Ryan Cabrera “Always Come Back To Me” *
7. Ben Moody f/ Anastacia “Everything Burns”
8. Miri Ben-Ari f/ P. Monch “New World Symphony”
9. Megan McCauley “Die For You”
10. Sum 41 “Noots”
11. Simple Plan “Surrender”
12. T.F.F. “I’ll Take You Down” *
13. Lloyd Banks “On Fire”
14. Megan McCauley “Reverie”
15. Breaking Point “Goodbye To You”
16. Alter Bridge “Shed My Skin”
17. Submersed “In Due Time”
18. Loser “Disposable Sunshine”
19. Miss Eighty 6 featuring Classic “Now You Know”
20. Orange Range “Kirikirimai (Fantastic Four Remix)” *

The motion picture Fantastic Four is based on Marvel’s longest running comic book series, which has well-earned its moniker as “The Greatest Comic in the World.” While several Marvel comics-to-film adaptations have preceded FANTASTIC FOUR, most notably the “X-Men” and “Spider-Man” features, FANTASTIC FOUR required, for self-evident reasons, four times the special effects power of any previous comic-to-film epics; indeed, the film’s finalized effects are so groundbreaking that the technology used to create them didn’t even exist a year ago. But for all its state-of-the-art effects, what makes a film like the FANTASTIC FOUR is the humor and emotion. The characters are, after all, the superhero world’s most famous dysfunctional family. The film stars Ioan Gruffudd (Horatio Hornblower, King Arthur, Titanic), Jessica Alba (Sin City, Honey), Chris Evans (Cellular, The Perfect Score), Michael Chiklis (The Shield), Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck) and Kerry Wahington (Ray, Mr. and Mrs. Smith). Fantastic Four is directed by Tim Story (Barbershop, Taxi).