Gone To The Beach

Site News | By on Jul 9th, 2010

You might have noticed a lack of updates on the site today. That’s because I’m currently in Florida. Today I flew into Fort Lauderdale, and tomorrow is off to the Florida Keys with the rest of my family. We’re celebrating my Dad’s 60th birthday so it should be a fun and relaxing time.

It was so nice to just float into the tampon-fested waters today. No seriously, there were tampons and band aids floating in the water. Other than that it was nice. People here are kind of tools though, especially the people that like to scream from their cars. Guess it’s sort of a lame thing here.

I might post here and there from the beach, but the site won’t be updated as much. but knowing me, I’ll probably end up posting more than usual since I’m not at work haha.

I’ll post twitter updates here and there if you feel like following me at @readjunk and @skapunkphotos.


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