Happy 15th Anniversary ReadJunk.com / SkaPunkAndOtherJunk.com!

Site News | Feb 6th, 2012

15 years ago (February 1997), I created a cheesy looking e-zine on Geocities called Ska, Punk and Other Junk in my high school library. The ORIGINAL, might I add! Now you will see online radio stations and other sites ripping off the name. I had no idea what I was doing back then (still don’t), and just wanted to create a music site that I would review music and interview bands. I had no idea back then that I would still be doing this.

Ska, Punk And Other Junk was tedious in the beginning; trying to get labels to send us CDs to review, trying to get into shows for free, and trying to upkeep the ever-growing list of shows in the NYC area. But it was something I enjoyed doing with my brother and friends, and met some other great people/musicians along the way. The tediousness was worth it because I just wanted to have my say on music & later on, movies. I didn’t want anyone telling me what I couldn’t or could say. “Don’t hate the media, become the media” as Jello Biafra once said.

Later on, after being sick of typing out that long ass Geocities link, I bought SkaPunkAndOtherJunk.com and had a site that mixed music, movies, and humor all together. The site had insulting interviews, random columns, interviews, reviews, tour dates, and even icons and soundboards. The perks of getting free music and movies is still a perk today, and honestly, is one of the main reasons why this site still exist today.

After so many years of doing SPAOJ, Adam Coozer and I combined Read Magazine and Ska, Punk and Other Junk together have been doing this site ever since. The website has gone through many changes, but the one think that seems to stick around is the news, and reviews. Who knows if this site will exist another 15 years from now, but it’s been a fun, roller-coaster of a ride so far.

Expect a new designed website in the Spring; something cleaner & not so grungy. It’s been a few years of the same design and I’m sick of it haha.Besides ReadJunk.com, expect to see some new stuff from me shortly with BeForeTheConcert.com.

Thanks for visiting the site over the years, clicking on the banners, spreading the word about the site on the social sites and commenting on posts/the old forum. I really appreciate it!


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