Is 20 Years Old This Year…Sort of

Site News | Jan 4th, 2017 20th Anniversary

2017 is the 20th Anniversary of! Well, if you count Read Magazine and Ska, Punk And Other Junk. I started Ska, Punk And Other Junk on Geocities back in February 1997 (I think I know the url still:, then eventually got our own domain until 2004. Then Adam Coozer and I merged our sites into one giant juggernaut of crap. The rest is history, or something.

Readjunk Shirt

The first thing we’re doing to celebrate the anniversary is release a 20th Anniversary Shirt, ala Ramones style. It has names of the writers who wrote the most or been with us the longest. The shirt is currently on sale but I’m sure it will be on sale again if you feel like you want to wear something with my name on it. You can buy other shirts I’ve designed at Teepublic as well.

We’re also putting on a party in NYC at the end of April. Rude Boy George is set to play 2 sets so that should be a lot fun! I always wanted to put on a small show with a band so looking forward to seeing the band again and friends I haven’t seen in awhile. If you are a fan of the site and also live/or want to come to NYC to the party, let me know and we’ll put your name on the invite. It would be great to meet the handful of readers we got over the years. If you can’t make the party, I’m sure we’ll have lots of video and photos from it that we’ll post later on.

Throughout the year, I’m sure we’ll do some giveaways, etc. to celebrate us dishing out outdated news and writing awful reviews for 20 years.


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