24 has been canceled

TV News | Mar 26th, 2010

Well, this news isn’t surprisingly shocking. 24 has been officially canceled! Former executive producer/director Jon Cassar tweeted the news that the show was officially canceled, and now Mary Lynn Rajskub has tweeted the same thing. The show will be done after this season and there won’t be a Season 9. But the good news for fans is that the show will probably be made into a big budgeted action flick that stars Kiefer. I just hope they re-capture that energy and uniqueness from the early seasons. I bailed during this season because I had enough of the same old crap they do every year. So I’m not sad this show is going off the air, but I’m curious to see how a movie would be. Just don’t have Kim encountering any cougars please!

Earlier this month it was reported that this season of 24 would likely be the last for the series as the ratings have dropped and Fox seems disinterested in continuing production. At the time it was mentioned that the studio is considering shopping the series to other networks, but everyone believed that interest would probably be limited due to the high costs involved. It was later reported that Fox has been approached by NBC to pick up the series. But that last ditch effort did not come through.
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Also, THR Feed has an interview with 24 Showrunner here.


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