Lame: Hulu won’t be free forever

TV News | Oct 23rd, 2009

Way to screw things up Hulu! CBS Radio is reporting that & all around asshole Rupert Murdoch will be charging for their video services in the somewhat near future (2010?). The popular video streaming site isn’t making money still and it thinks by charging for the videos, it will get people to pay for stuff that we can just get for free online. They are going to put a stop to that, and you know, they are going to lose even more money & users. People are either going to start watching more TV again, or they are going to find it elsewhere where it is FREE…legal or not. Leave it to Rupert Murdoch to ruin another thing (i.e. Myspace). Hulu doesn’t know when this will go into effect but one thing is sure, I won’t be visiting when it starts charging people! LAME!

Hulu, the free online video site where television shows and movies can be watched in their entirety, will start charging fees at some point, one of its owners said.

Hulu has struggled to make money despite its popularity as an ad-supported site. News Corp., which co-owns the site with NBC Universal, Walt Disney Co. and Providence Equity Partners, said it hasn’t decided what form the subscription model would take.

Chase Carey, News Corp.’s president and chief operating officer, said at a conference in New York on Wednesday that subscription fees could come as early as 2010.

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch said last month that the company was considering charging for Hulu, but hadn’t made a final decision.

“Are we looking at it with a view of adding subscription services in there and pay-per-view movies? Yes, we are looking at that. No decision has been taken yet,” Murdoch said.
[CBS Radio 880]


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