Mythbusters ending next season!

TV News | Oct 21st, 2015

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Mythbusters will be ending it’s run after 14 seasons, with upcoming season in 2016. This is surprising but not really. Once Team B people were fired/left from the show, Mythbusters just seemed like a show that was going to end fairly soon.

Some of the “myths” in later episodes they were trying to debunk were a bit silly and not really myths but I’ll still miss the show. They have some final explosive episodes to air still but looks like Jamie and Adam knew this was the final season of the Emmy nominated series. I guess there will always be Mythbusters marathons on the weekends. The final season of Mythbusters starts January 9th 2016 on Discovery.

EW broke the story and also have some interviews with Adam and Jamie.

The pioneering reality series, one of cable’s longest-running shows, will stage its final gonzo experiment during next year’s 14th season after 248 episodes and 2,950 experiments.

But there is some upside: Stars Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have secretly known the end was coming all year and have been crafting an explosive final run for the seven-time Emmy-nominated series. “It was my greatest fear that Mythbusters would just stop and we wouldn’t be able to do proper final episodes,” Savage tells EW. “So whether it’s myths about human behavior or car stories or explosion stories, we tried to find the most awesome example of each category and build on our past history.”


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