Movies That Scared Us As Kids with Bryan, Ryan, Eric & Chris

Featured, Podcasts | Oct 27th, 2020

Movies That Scared Us As Kids with Bryan, Ryan, Eric & Chris

Episode 58 of the ReadJunk Podcast is all about movies or scenes that have scared us as kids…or in my case, still scare me. I’m joined by Ryan Miller (DJ Ryan Midnight, 100% Ska Podcast), and journalist Eric Althoff (Washington Post, LA Times, ReadJunk)and ReadJunk metalhead Chris Taylor. We talk about IT, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Witches, Fire in the Sky, Return to Oz, Willy Wonka, Ernest Scared Stupid, The Blob, and even G.I. Joe. It was a fun chat discussing scary, freaky scenes and movies!

The transition track is called “Fun House” by Coyote Hearing, which I got on YouTube Audio library. 

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