20 Belows “Headaches And Moodswings”

Album Reviews | By on May 13th, 2007

Record Label: Whoa Oh Records
Genre: Pop Punk
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I love Whoa Records and their commitment to keeping Lookout-style pop punk alive. The 20 Belows are another good offering to that end. Hailing from Denmark, the band plays catchy, straight-up pop punk with a Screeching Weasel/Queers-like delivery and love-gone-wrong lyrics. Hovering around two minutes each, the songs are snappy little confections that maintain melodic distinction from each other.

The only stumbling blocks are the guitars that are too thick and downkey, almost bass-like, and the vocals that are a little high and sunny considering the guitar sound and lyrical pessimism. Not that he needs the snottiness of a Ben Weasel, but some acerbic attitude would give them a better edge. Or if the guitars matched the brightness of the melodies, the vox would fit better and these guys would be up there with the Travoltas.

Otherwise, they have at least 10 great tracks of the 13, and their potential is even greater. Pop punk fans should put this band on their radar.

Bottom Line: Another great pop-punk discovery from Whoa Oh.
Notable Tracks: This Boy’s Giving Up, Shiny Little Hearts, A Turn For The Worse, Look Out Below
Overall Rating: