A Day To Remember – What Separates Me From You

Album Reviews | Apr 2nd, 2011

Record Label: Victory Records
Genre: Rock
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A Day To Remember is one of the headliners (or are they the main headliner?) on this year’s Warped Tour. Their newest & fourth full-length album What Separates Me From You will no doubt be played I’m sure. This band played smaller stages on the tour, and this just goes to show you how far they have come since then.

While A Day To Remember may not be the music I dig, the majority of the songs aren’t that bad. I don’t really care for their screamo style songs like the opening track “Sticks & Bricks.” Pop Punk/Rock tracks like “All I Want” and “It’s Complicated” are more up my alley. Whatever style the band wants to play, they definitely have the talent to make it work. My opinion is: drop the screamo stuff and play the straight up rock songs like “Better Off This Way.” From hearing this album, and seeing them perform briefly at the Warped Tour a few years back, I’m impressed how much this band has grown. They kind of remind me of Rise Against, started out with melodic hardcore and have grown as a band.

Bottom Line: If I wanted to listen to this style of music, A Day To Remember would be one of those bands
Notable Tracks: All I Want, It’s Complicated, Better Off This Way
Overall Rating:


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