Aaron English – “American Fever Dream”

Album Reviews | Feb 19th, 2012

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Band Link: myspace.com/theaaronenglishband
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Embarrassing piano ballads about peace and doves and sea shells and the US of A. The America-worship borders on fetish. From Anthem: “I pledge allegiance to you, babe / My home and truest country / My map of love, all I’m sure of / The borders of your body.” Umm, do you and America want to be alone?

With its piddling piano notes and “ahhhhh-ahhhhhh” background sighing, this album will surely appeal to music therapy programs for the criminally insane. This album is also awesome if you are bulimic and you need something to help you vomit repeatedly.

Bottom Line: More like American Wet Dream.
Overall Rating:


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