Abdel Wright “S/T”

Album Reviews | Feb 21st, 2007

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Record Label: Interscope Records
Genre: Reggae
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One day, I was searching MySpace for new reggae acts and Abdel Wright came up. I checked out some songs and liked what I heard. A friend from Interscope hooked me up with the CD and now I’m reviewing it for you. Abdel Wright is different than other reggae artists, in that he plays a mixture of folk & reggae, with modern stuff thrown into the mix. Kind of sounds like Wycelf. His first song “Quicksand” opens up with a nice harmonica riff and the whole song is just a great mix of rock, reggae and even a little bit of hip hop. I love the steel drums in the background too! The first two songs are good, and then the singing just sounds way off in the third track. The singing gets back on track after the third song thankfully, and some of his better songs are in the later half of the album. The vocals take some time to get used to, but if Abdel Wright sounds like something you’d might like, check out his myspace page at: http://www.myspace.com/abdelwright

Bottom Line: New style of reggae and I like it! The vocals are on and off for me though
Notable Tracks: Quicksand, Human Behaviour, My Decision
Overall Rating:


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