Aggrolites, The “Reggae Hit L.A”

Album Reviews | May 19th, 2007

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Record Label: Hellcat Records
Genre: Rocksteady Reggae
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The Aggrolites are back for another album after their successful self titled album on Hellcat Records. I thought that album was pretty good but this new album seems so much better. I thought the last album had some good songs and but not sure why it didn’t hit me the same way as this one has. I think I need to go back and check that album out again because I think i’ll enjoy it a lot better. The Aggrolites have been very busy this year, touring all year round with bands like the Dropkick Murphys. They didn’t have much time to write the songs in a studio or at home, so the band managed to write new material in their van, on the road and tryout the new songs during soundchecks. The new album title fits the band perfectly, a band that has become the resident reggae band of L.A.

As soon as “Work It” comes on, I knew this album was going to blow me away. It’s kind of weird but I can’t help but think of the Four Tops playing with a reggae band when listening to the Aggrolites. Another thing I have noticed is how much Bob Marley and the Wailers have influenced the band as well. Their guitar solos on the album, like in “Faster Bullet,” sound right from a Wailers album. The Aggrolites’ production of their albums sound like it came from the 1960’s and I love it. Some other bands try to go for that old-time sound but never really succeed at it. One song I really dig, that has a hint of Motown and old reggae is the title track “Reggae Hit L.A.” Don Cornelius would be so proud! Besides all the soul reggae songs, I also like the instrumental tracks as well. I don’t normally like instrumental reggae besides Jacki Mitto but these guys know how to jam! The music is great to listen to at night, when you just got off from your boring office job and want to chill. The instrumental stuff is towards the back and I like how they are grouped together like that. You got all the soul/reggae songs in the front and the majority of the instrumental stuff is at the end of the album. If you are a fan of reggae, rocksteady, soul, and Motown; you’ll absolutely love this album!

Bottom Line: One of the best reggae albums I’ve heard in a long time!
Notable Tracks: Work It, Faster Bullet, Reggae Hit L.A, Let’s Pack our Bags, Free Time
Overall Rating: