AJ Rosales “Ultramarine”

Album Reviews | Aug 4th, 2007

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Record Label: Novelty Records
Genre: Rock
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My first thought was that this band has a great 80s guitar-rock-pop sound, like Huey Lewis or the Romantics, only not as lively, airy and fun. I guess it’s more in the tonal quality of the guitars and not so much the songwriting, but I had high hopes.

10 seconds later, when the vocals kick in, my hopes crashed and burned. Unfortunately, the vocals are low and out of tune and squeeze out lyrics like hard dry shits. He sings like he refuses to give the music any energy.

It gets worse on ballads, like the title track and (gag) “What’s With All The Heartache?” But when AJ Rosales strums quickly and the guitars give a song some semblance of an upbeat, you get a whiff of their potential in guitar pop, if they’d only stop being so drab and sadsack AND ROCKED DA FUNK OUT!

Bottom Line: Singer/songwriter sadsackery with guitar pop potential.
Notable Tracks: So Sad, Breakdown
Overall Rating: