Alan Doyle – “So Let’s Go”

Album Reviews | Jan 25th, 2015

Alan Doyle - So Lets Go Album Review

Record Label: Universal Music Canada
Genre: Folk Rock
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Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle second album So Let’s Go is one of the best albums of the year, and we’re only a month into the year! Alan’s first solo album, Boy On Bridge, was an excellent album but I really think So Let’s Go takes his music to another level.

The title track starts off the album and it’s probably one of the catchiest songs Alan’s ever written (solo career or Great Big Sea). The whistling part gets embedded into your brain and I find myself whistling it throughout my day. I’m sure my wife is getting sick of the whistling but then again she loves Alan’s music as well. The song is a fun one and evokes the notion of living the day in the moment and that our time is short. At least that’s what I get out of it. A lot of the themes for the album seem to be about that.

Many of the songs have catchy hooks and clapping which will be fun to hear live. Alan Doyle is a highly enjoyable person to see perform live in concert. Every note that is sung, you can tell he is so passionate about his music and he’s just having a great time doing it. One notable song I can’t wait to hear live is the rousing yet simply named “1,2,3,4.” It’s got super fast fiddle playing, loud clapping, a chorus that you’ll want to sing along to and everything else that makes a song catchy as hell.

Besides the upbeat folk pop music that encompasses most of this album, there’s also a handful of slow ballads as well (“Laying Down The Perish,” “My Kingdom” and “Stay”) . I don’t always care for the slower tunes from some musicians and bands but not for Alan/Great Big Sea. The slow tunes are just as good as the upbeat, fast ones. It’s hard to ignore the fact that Alan is a talented singer. He always seems to be surrounded with talented songwriters & musicians as well, which is why I love everything he’s ever released. Even when Alan sings for his audiences, without any mics or other band members with him, you can tell the guy is truly talented. I’m trying hard to hide the fact that I’m a big fan but just can’t help it. But if this album wasn’t that great, I would say so.

Usually the end of an album is subdued or filled with filler songs but not the case with So Let’s Go. “Sins of Saturday Night” will be another live favorite featuring some cool guitar riffs. “Shine On” is another folk troubadour sounding tune that picks up during the chorus. You think it will be just a folk song but then changes gears into a poppy chorus. The last song of the album is “Take Us Home” and what a way to finish the album! If this isn’t the second single, it should be! It’s sort of in the same vein as “So Let’s Go” in that the song will be stuck in your head (in a good way).

Just a fantastic album from beginning to end. I wouldn’t change anything except maybe adding one or two more songs. It makes you wanting more and feels too short even though there are 10 tracks on here. Keep rolling out the good tunes, Alan!

Bottom Line: A Perfect album from Alan Doyle.
Notable Tracks: So Let’s Go, The Night Loves Us, 1,2,3,4, Sins of Saturday Night, Shine On, Take Us Home
Overall Rating:


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