Alan Silvestri “Van Helsing”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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If there’s one saving grace about this movie is that the score is awesome! Alan Silvestri comes back strong after getting kicked off Pirates of the Caribbean last year. The score is thematic, loud, adventurous, and fits the movie perfectly. I felt the movie was cheesy with a captain C. The Mummy movies were cheesy, but it was a fun kind of cheese. The Graphics ruined the movie for me I think. The story was even weaker though. Even after watching the movie, I kept whistling the theme and humming to myself the choral stuff. Silvestri mixes in computerized notes with the classic ones and it works well, especially in tracks like “Journey To Transylvania.” At least it sounded computerized or synthetic to me. Take it from me, the movie might have sucked, but give the film score Alan Silvestri a shot.

Bottom Line: Yeah, even though the movie was kind of crappy, the score definitely isn’t.
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