ALL “Problematic”

Album Reviews | By on Mar 1st, 2005

Record Label: Epitaph Records
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To my surprise this is ALL’s ninth full length album, and it could be one of their best. I knew ALL was around for quite some time but not as long as I originally thought. Comprised of members of Descendants, because of Milo Auckerman’s career in BioChemistry. All I know is that it must be awesome to work with Milo because he’s like the Punk Rock genius. Back to ALL. Chad Price reminds of Milo in singing styles, but I think it’s just fine that way. Like stated in the bio that was provided, ALL was the in the forefront to bring that poppy”power” punk that you hear a lot of these days. Songs on the album like “Better than That,” and “Carry You” are proof of that. So stop reading this review and go buy the album already.

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