Amber Pacific “Fading Days EP”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Hopeless Records
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This band was called Follow Through, but another band had it so they changed it to Amber Pacific. Haha, I knew one of the members in the CTHC band Follow Through, I wonder if they had to change it because of them? But anyway, this band plays a mix of pop punk, emo and rock. You know, the stuff the kids like these days. Yes I know I sounded like an old geezer just there but whatever. The first track “Thoughts Before Me” was really catchy and the songs following it were just as good. The word generic comes to me when listening to this and the band sounds like everything out there today in this so called punk scene, I still thought Amber Pacific deliver some catchy tunes.

Bottom Line: Catchy pop emo punk.
Notable Tracks: “Thoughts Before Me”
Overall Rating: