Ann Beretta “Three Chord Revolution”

Album Reviews | By on Mar 1st, 2005

Record Label: Union 2112 Records
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Ann Beretta have been around for awhile now but this is the first time I’m hearing their music and it’s not that bad! Actually it’s really good, it’s like fast punk with rough sounded vocals and political lyrics but also mixing it with rock n roll, rockabilly and pop. So pretty much everything that’s a subgenre of rock haha. “Three Chord Revolution” seems very polish and well produced which is good in my mind. These guys used to be on Lookout Records I think but this is their first release on Union 2112. The songs are very catchy on this album and I’m sure a lot of people will like this a CD a lot! I did.

Bottom Line: Yeah I would buy this!
Notable Tracks: “Not Invited” “Lipstick & Makeup” “Better Half”
Overall Rating: