Anthony Jeselnik – “Caligula”

Album Reviews | Jan 16th, 2013

Record Label: Comedy Central Records
Genre: Comedy
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Anthony Jeselnik is known for the recent Comedy Central roasts and he’s usually one of the few that stand out, besides Jeff Ross and Amy Schumer. His latest Comedy Central stand-up special recently aired and it’s now available on DVD and CD. If you’re in the mood to laugh at some pretty fucked up jokes, look no further.

Anthony has a morbid & twisted sense of humor, which is why I like his stand-up act a lot. His line delivery is slow but the end result is worth it. Jeselnik performed this act at the Vic Theater in Chicago and he doesn’t hold back at all. Some of the topics he jokes about include rape, suicide, bad dates and yes…even more rape. He tells jokes about ex-girlfriends, current girlfriend, and his parents. all those jokes were offensive of course. The funniest part of the album comes towards the end with the tracks “Offensive” and “Showstoppers.” Definitely not for the easily sensitive.

Besides Louis CK and Bill Burr, I think Anthony Jeselnik is one of the funniest comedians working right now. Anthony Jeselnik also appears on Jeff Ross’ new show The Burn and also has his own show The Jeselnik Offensive premiering Feb. 19th. If that show is like his stand-up, I’ll definitely check it out.

Bottom Line: Hilarious, twisted and offensive…the way I like my comedy
Notable Tracks: Rape, Ex-Girlfriends, Showstoppers
Overall Rating:


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